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Hi, I am Frank A. Schoenrock, CPA and Investment Advisor Representative with Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc.

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Our offices are now open to staff only.  Clients are asked to leave their tax documents at the front door.  We are still working remotely within the office and outside of the office.  Please call 860-653-0734 Ext. 121 for Admin.

      Our clients are truly our greatest assets. We learn so much from our clients, whether it's the small business we cater to, the tax planning for the year, the individual tax return, or the financial planning and wealth management that covers their retirement and planning for the years ahead. It is their courage, their beliefs, and their ongoing desire to keep going that provides us with the strength and willingness to solve the problems that they bring to us every day. We thank our clients for providing us with the opportunity to do so.

     As you walk in to our office, you will realize how important you are to us.  In the investment world, my philosophy has always been how important your money is to you.  My parents worked very hard all their lives for retirement.  My father was a heavy equipment operator with the state highway department.  My mother was a school cafeteria worker.  Knowing what they had to do in bringing up four kids with a modest level of income enables me to realize the importance of finances to each and everyone of us.  In line with this, I understand the financial situations we find ourselves in.

     My career in accounting began with my undergraduate degree from Western New England College, a direct result of the GI Bill for four years of service in the United States Air Force. This was followed by a Masters Degree in Business from the University of Hartford.  Employment experiences have taken me from Arthur Andersen & Co. in Hartford, CT, to Aetna Life & Casualty, Coopers & Lybrand, a controllers position in a real estate developer - First Hartford Realty Corporation, Tax and Audit Officer at Connecticut National Life Insurance Company, and Financial Reporting Manager at Orion Capital Corp.

     Thanks to the vast experience attained at these positions and the desire to work with individuals and small businesses in their everyday financial needs, I started my practice in 1996, where I grew up in Southwick, MA.  I have always been a passionate, roll up my sleeves individual, who loves to help people. To this end, through the grace of God, we have been successful in helping others meet their financial needs.  It is through this effort to help others that we have grown over time.  It took me a few years, but I was able to hire my first employee.  In 1999 we moved my practice to Granby, CT in the little building next to CVS at 18R Hartford Ave.  Three years later, the little building became quite full with 3 employees and we moved to the second floor at 18 Hartford Ave.  With a staff of 8 individuals we began to outgrow these surroundings.  We are now located in our newly renovated office at 34 East Granby Road (Rt. 20).  Again, it is our relationship with our clients that has enabled us to do so.

     Problem solving is what we are all about.  Every person that walks into our office has a problem which needs resolution.  My staff and I have solved these problems and in the process, developed a relationship with our clients that is second to none.  It is the element of trust that exists between us and our clients.  This is a huge responsibility which we never underestimate.  It is why we have grown so much over the last decade.  It is a responsibility which we do not take for granted and it defines us as we move into the years ahead. Our beliefs and mission statements follow:

"We believe in hard work, integrity and focus, the courage to take risk, overcoming defeat, doing what it is that you love to do, living within your means, adapting a balanced lifestyle, and believing in yourself and your dreams."

"Our mission is to provide quality financial solutions to meet your needs.  We strive to achieve lifelong relationships which can make you the owner of your own destiny.  Our success is measured by your success."

     We also would like to thank our clients for getting us involved in the financial, retirement and wealth management area. We spend much time and education in this area to keep abreast of the ever changing financial world. For instance, as our firm has turned a new leaf in this year's chapter, we have decided to join a new broker/dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. With this new partnership, we hope to offer our clients investment opportunities they may not be able to find anywhere else. As this was a major move for us, we are filled with high hopes that everyone will greatly benefit from the transition.

     We offer tax, accounting, and financial services ranging from tax preparation and planning for individuals and small businesses, electronic filing, comprehensive financial and retirement planning, investment wealth management, life insurance, long term care insurance (including the CT Partnership for Long Term Care Program), IRA's and small business retirement plans, college planning, small business startups, and various representation before the IRS/CT/MA including IRS Offers in Compromise, monthly QuickBooks bookkeeping services, reviews and compilations, and other needs you wish to address, such as part time controller.

     Your needs can be addressed with the right investment vehicles.  The theme remains the same.  Clients have been responsible for our success.  It is because we treat each client that walks in the door as a unique case.  This may take more time, but in the end, we assess your true need.  If you are not happy with your present situation or you would like a second opinion, call us.  Your case is unique and needs to be treated as such.


Frank A. Schoenrock

CPA & Investment Advisor Representative - Cambridge


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